Make a different choice for BC's forests

Ditch traditional burial. Help build Canada's next great conservation success story.

Crush your carbon footprint

Traditional burial generates 20+ tons of carbon. Cremation produces half a ton. 

Natural burial reduces your lifetime carbon footprint. 

Trees store increasingly more carbon as they age and grow. Our old growth rainforests are the most productive in the world at capturing carbon. 

Save thousands in burial costs

Transparent pricing. No up-selling. 

Burial plots can cost $20k+ in Vancouver, BC. We aim to reduce these costs by up to 75%, making natural burial an affordable alternative. 

Join a community of nature lovers

Our park is driven by nature lovers who want to leave a different and lasting legacy.

We seek to meet human needs. This means providing a values-driven space for burial and remembrance, as well as a vibrant community that helps steward the land. 

Save BC's most ecologically significant forests

BC’s old growth rainforests capture more carbon than any forests on earth. 

Less than 10% of our ancient forests remain in SW BC. Help us preserve these lands in Canada’s first large scale, conservation-driven burial park. 

Our experts

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